SharePoint Saturday Boston – Slides & Demos

spsbostonWhat a great time the following weekend @ SPSBoston! The organizers did a fantastic job as usual.

Thank You to my session attendees. I’m hoping you learned at least 1 thing. I appreciate the great questions and the positive feedback! I had an amazing time up at SPS Boston and hope to have the opportunity to return next year when it will be at the new Microsoft office in Cambridge.

So a few things, my slides are available on Slide Share . I’ve added some Resources at the end of MSDN articles. I’ve added in the beginning a listing of tools and some links which I grazed over during the presentation but you can find out more from those links.

I’m temporarily hosting theme builder on my company’s site until they fix the download link –

And my project solution is available at –

My clean v4 masterpage is available at –

Thanks again, don’t hesitate to contact me with comments or questions.


SharePoint Saturday Philly Wrap-Up

Thanks to the SharePoint Saturday Philly team, it was a pleasure to be part of the event again! The year was just as spectacular as last years. These events are huge opportunities for people like myself, to network with individuals that are involved in the same type of SharePoint work. I also sat in on a few sessions around SharePoint development as I’m interested in what people are doing, how they are doing it and the tools that they are using. I scored a few brain nuggets and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Sessions Info

So thank you to my attendees for listening, I’m glad I didn’t put many of you to sleep J ! This was my second go at this new material that I’ve put together and I feel that it went extremely well. If you have any follow up questions or comments you can leave them for me here or email me (address in the slides).

The link to my slides on slideshare

The link to my demo VS2010 project

SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach Recap

A big thank you to everyone who attended my session and thank you to the SPSVB team for putting together such a great event. I’m fascinated meeting the people out there and finding out some of the challenges they are having. It’s also such a great opportunity to network with folks and learn from our peers.

So I have some files from my sessions/demos.

Session 1 – Getting Started with SharePoint Branding Slides

Demo Project

Session 2 – Dissecting Custom SharePoint Sites Slides



If you had any questions or want to chat feel free to email me.

SharePoint Saturday Philly – Slides & Code

To my attendees, thanks for coming and to SPSPhilly… thanks for having me. What a great time out there, met lots of great people. I’m attaching my slides which contains some good links to valuable items in the branding realm. Also as promised I’m posting the Master Page Deployment portion of my presentation. This portion contains the Visual Studio 2010 (VS) solution which is all setup to deploy a custom master page, css, favicon, jquery … etc. This is demoed code, so download, experiment, and above all use at your own risk.  So here are the links to the SLIDES and SPSPhilly MasterPage Solution.

For those that want to use the solution on their test server there may be a couple things you might have to change in order for it to deploy using the VS 2010, Build -> Deploy action.

1. Once you unzip, In the top level look for, SPSPhilly.MasterPage.csproj.user.

2. Open the file in NotePad

3. Change the SharePointSiteUrl to your target site.

Also if you look in the top level folder I provided a small .cmd file. This is not something I showed you, but its a small script file that I use for deployments. I usually hand off scripts with my .wsp packages to the Site Admins, IT guys or whoever. This way they have a script that will install the solution for them in a consisten manner and you can clearly see whats needed to get the package into your SharePoint environment. There are a two variables located at the top of this command which may need changing if you plan to use this file. So opening that file up in notepad or your favorite text editor, you’ll see this:

SET WSP=SPSPhilly.MasterPage.wsp

The first line shown won’t have to change unless you change the name of the solution that is generated by VS.  The second line you would have to change to your target site collection url. So if you examine the rest of the script it’s all STSADM commands that are executed. Running the script it would first deactivate, retract, and delete the solution Next it would add, deploy, then activate it.

Wells that’s about it. Please feel free to comment or email me if you have any problems.

SharePoint Saturday Boston – Thx Again + Slides

Take me to the SLIDES!

This past weekend I drove up to Waltham, MA to participate as a guest speaker for SharePoint Saturday Boston. Everything about the event was exceptional. I absolutely love going to these events as I always learn something new or get introduced to a new tool, program or just even a helpful tip to make my life and job easier. It was great running into familiar speakers from SharePoint Saturday New York and meeting a handful a new ones. The organizers were extremely nice and well prepared as the whole event went off without a hitch. My feeling was that the entire event was well received by the attendees and everyone enjoyed their time there.

So my topic was an Intro to Branding for non-designers. Its a special interested topic for it pro / dev / or anyone with knowledge of html/css and the ability to read through some ASP controls. I want to thank everyone for coming to my session, the attendees there were great and I don’t think anyone feel asleep even though it was right after lunch. The session turned out more interactive which (I hope) made it better. I know I like to use SharePoint Designer in code view. I forgot to mention that everything I was doing can be done through Design Mode, which is a WYSIWYG. Since its SharePoint Designer i like to refer to it more like, What you see is SORTA what you get.