SharePoint Saturday Philly Wrap-Up

Thanks to the SharePoint Saturday Philly team, it was a pleasure to be part of the event again! The year was just as spectacular as last years. These events are huge opportunities for people like myself, to network with individuals that are involved in the same type of SharePoint work. I also sat in on a few sessions around SharePoint development as I’m interested in what people are doing, how they are doing it and the tools that they are using. I scored a few brain nuggets and that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

Sessions Info

So thank you to my attendees for listening, I’m glad I didn’t put many of you to sleep J ! This was my second go at this new material that I’ve put together and I feel that it went extremely well. If you have any follow up questions or comments you can leave them for me here or email me (address in the slides).

The link to my slides on slideshare

The link to my demo VS2010 project