SharePoint Saturday New York City – Slides & Demo

Amazing weekend at SPSNYC! Well about as amazing as SharePoint things can get. Thank you everyone for attending my session, I appreciate the comments and questions. I’m attaching my slides and my demo Visual Studio 2010 package which is the feature driven deployment of the theme, masterpage, css, images, and javascript files.

Do what you will to take it apart and test it out.

What you’ll need to do in order to deploy from Visual Studio is change the Site Url.

When You open the solution select the main Project -> SPSNYC.Branding.

In the Properties window, set the site url to your SharePoint 2010 test site.

That’s all for now. If you have any issues feel free to contact me.



3 thoughts on “SharePoint Saturday New York City – Slides & Demo

  1. Thank You for the Wonderful Session on Branding at the SPSNYC last week. I installed the solution and it worked like a charm. Tom could you please tell how i can change the images from SPSaturday and add my custom images.

    Please help

    Thank you for your time.

    • Hey VJ glad you figured it out. I have a blog of putting together one of those solutions from scratch that I’ll be posting within the upcoming week.

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