B&R Business Solutions – new update SP2010 just launched!

I never thought that this day would actually come ūüôā . I’ve been working on my company’s new website for months now. No not because I’m slow, but due to perfectionism. Plus alot of work went into the branding which was created by one of our partners ‘nition. We’ve worked with them on plenty of MOSS 2007 sites and a few 2010 sites. They produce amazing designs that our clients really love. Now we’re rocking one of there designs.

So why am I so excited? Because¬†old site was horrible!!¬†It was out dated and displayed a poor image of who we are and what we do. Our new site is¬†sharp, and¬†informative.¬† Plus we are using a platform which we know everything about, SharePoint consultants using SharePoint…

Ok so what part did I play in this, well when we get the photoshop file from the design team. I chop it up and pull the images, I created the custom masterpage (header, nav & footer),¬†created all the custom css, I created a timer job that pulls in RSS and Twitter feeds. So we are pulling from all the teams blogs, their MSDN / technet RSS feeds, and the B&R twitter account. It’s all displayed on the homepage so you can see what we are up to.¬† There is a bunch of jquery plugins as well as scripts that I wrote to bring the site to life. On the back end I create all the custom lists and libraries and wire it all up so that when we create those items on the backend, they are displayed nicely on the site. About 90% of the content is pulled up to the pages by DVWP or jQuery webservices. This makes updating the site very simple, no coding and no SharePoint Designer.

This is the stuff I really enjoy doing, hope to be able to showcase some more 2010 sites in the future, please check out the new B&R Business Solutions website.