SharePoint Saturday Philly – Slides & Code

To my attendees, thanks for coming and to SPSPhilly… thanks for having me. What a great time out there, met lots of great people. I’m attaching my slides which contains some good links to valuable items in the branding realm. Also as promised I’m posting the Master Page Deployment portion of my presentation. This portion contains the Visual Studio 2010 (VS) solution which is all setup to deploy a custom master page, css, favicon, jquery … etc. This is demoed code, so download, experiment, and above all use at your own risk.  So here are the links to the SLIDES and SPSPhilly MasterPage Solution.

For those that want to use the solution on their test server there may be a couple things you might have to change in order for it to deploy using the VS 2010, Build -> Deploy action.

1. Once you unzip, In the top level look for, SPSPhilly.MasterPage.csproj.user.

2. Open the file in NotePad

3. Change the SharePointSiteUrl to your target site.

Also if you look in the top level folder I provided a small .cmd file. This is not something I showed you, but its a small script file that I use for deployments. I usually hand off scripts with my .wsp packages to the Site Admins, IT guys or whoever. This way they have a script that will install the solution for them in a consisten manner and you can clearly see whats needed to get the package into your SharePoint environment. There are a two variables located at the top of this command which may need changing if you plan to use this file. So opening that file up in notepad or your favorite text editor, you’ll see this:

SET WSP=SPSPhilly.MasterPage.wsp

The first line shown won’t have to change unless you change the name of the solution that is generated by VS.  The second line you would have to change to your target site collection url. So if you examine the rest of the script it’s all STSADM commands that are executed. Running the script it would first deactivate, retract, and delete the solution Next it would add, deploy, then activate it.

Wells that’s about it. Please feel free to comment or email me if you have any problems.