SharePoint Saturday Boston – Thx Again + Slides

Take me to the SLIDES!

This past weekend I drove up to Waltham, MA to participate as a guest speaker for SharePoint Saturday Boston. Everything about the event was exceptional. I absolutely love going to these events as I always learn something new or get introduced to a new tool, program or just even a helpful tip to make my life and job easier. It was great running into familiar speakers from SharePoint Saturday New York and meeting a handful a new ones. The organizers were extremely nice and well prepared as the whole event went off without a hitch. My feeling was that the entire event was well received by the attendees and everyone enjoyed their time there.

So my topic was an Intro to Branding for non-designers. Its a special interested topic for it pro / dev / or anyone with knowledge of html/css and the ability to read through some ASP controls. I want to thank everyone for coming to my session, the attendees there were great and I don’t think anyone feel asleep even though it was right after lunch. The session turned out more interactive which (I hope) made it better. I know I like to use SharePoint Designer in code view. I forgot to mention that everything I was doing can be done through Design Mode, which is a WYSIWYG. Since its SharePoint Designer i like to refer to it more like, What you see is SORTA what you get.